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    Hey Mousetalgia Crew,

    Just wanted to drop a line and tell you how much I enjoy your podcast. It has become my main Disney podcast for a few reasons.

    First guys are just plain fun to listen to, the Disneyland knowledge, the's all great.

    Secondly...while not really a reason I listen but it's a guys are Podcasting from my hometown!

    While there are many more reasons I could list for listening to your show, it's your geographic location & something you guys brought up on your most recent podcast that has lead me to write to you.

    I am not a theme park's all about Disneyland or nothing for me park wise. Other than going to Disneyland annually, and spending almost every summer of my teenage years at Marriott's Great America, the only other theme park I have ever visited was...FRONTIER VILLAGE!

    The audio clip you guys played in reference to Frontier Village brought back very happy memories of going there with my Dad. Thank you so much for that.

    Keep up the good work........


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    sounds good... I'm at Valley Fair several times a week. I live much closer to Oakridge myself (how do you like that store by the way? It's a prototype back before Disney bought us back in May!) but Valley Fair has been my home cast for many years.
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    Just wanted to say hi... mostly because I see you are from San Jose, California. ME TOO!!! I wonder if we have crossed paths because I work at the Valley Fair Disney Store. :) Stop by some time and say hi. TTFN


    Reply from Mousetalgia Dave:

    I don't know if we've run into each other before. We live closer to Oakridge, and I don't make it to Valley Fair very often. We'll check-in next time we're over that way!